as the title states, we have several oes2 linux servers and not a single one of them can ping to a hostname that is not in its hosts file.... We are using the current (oes2sp3+Main) Novell DNS Server (novell-named) as our interal DNS server. All servers are oes2sp3+Main. From every server we can use nslookup to successfully resolve, through the DNS server, the hostnames but when we ping to the hostname it cannot resolve the hostname...??? Regardless if we ping hostname.dom.com or just to the hostname.

Reloading /etc/init.d/nscd (Name Cache Deamon) doesn't help.

Our resolv.conf seems ok, both of our internal DNS servers are as nameserver, the search domain is also correct.

Windows clients seem to have no problems. We originally noticed this behavior due to a CIFS Problem. One of our cluster nodes was restarted and when we migrated the CIFS resource we noticed that our clients could no longer connect to the share via the DNS hostname.... IP works... We still have this problem even after flushing the local DNS cache, restarting, restarting the DNS Server and changing the DNS entry. The problem seems to be that the cluster node hosting the CIFS resource cannot properly resolve the NetBIOS name that the client is requesting and therefore cannot answer the request. This is our assumption.

Therefore we hope that by resolving the problem (oes2 servers cannot ping to hostnames that are not in their hosts file) our CIFS problem will go away.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.