Still can't get VPN to work.

One Public address assigned to the router (Efficient 5935).
DMZ subnet 192.168.254.x form the router to the NSBS server
LAN network 10.1.0.x
The router has outbound NAT enabled aswell as NAT Passthrough and Inbound
NAT on the ports 353,500,2010 and 4500

NSBS 6.5 (with BM 3.8SP2a and FP3B)
BM VPN SERVER setup with the same public address as the server

Using NMAS, I get the VPN Client error: NMAS Error FFFFF996. On the VPN
Server the Audit Log: Failed to process NMAS request. Authentication

Using backward compatibility, I get the VPN Client error: Authentication
gateway failed to verify enetered parameters. A general error was
reported by the authentication gateway. On the VPN Server the Audit Log:
VPN client user name at address <VPN_CLIENT_IP> is
admin.<OUR_ORGANISATION>. AuthClient : 0 (<VPN_CLIENT_IP>): GetCH: Alloc
for user name failed.

Any idea what is wrong and what I can do to solve it?

Thanx in advance,

Lars Dam