I am testing the ability of the auto delete after 55 days. I have messages in the account from 6/23/2011 which is more than 55 days.
The mail however is not deleting from the system. I tried locking it at the PO and it didn't work. I tried unlocking the PO and setting it
via the client and it didnt work. I have tried it with different versions of the GW client. This system is running on Windows 2003 back
end with GW 8.0.1.

We do have Gwava Retain running with the retention flag turned on. But all the messages in the mailbox have been processed so the
mail can be delete/emptied with a problem.

What I am trying to determine is will the GroupWise client delete/empty mail over 90 days regardless of it being read or unread. I have mail
older than 60 days in the account that is read and unread for testing. But since its not deleting anything it's making the test difficult. :)