Admin on Holiday - should have done this before he went but we had another
server issue (NOT GW - Windows)

So I've done bit of reading Admins notes and Forum

I need to move PO & Domain to a larger volume URGENTLY
less than 300Mb left on data volume!

This is a Netware 6.5 server with GW8

I've done a first pass (I know for this the /m is not necessary)

dbcopy /m /p /f data:gwpo gw:gwsys/gwpo
dbcopy /m /d /f data:gwdom gw:gwsys/gwdom

I need to change the path in consoleone and startup files

My question: do I shutdown GW then change the paths or whilst GW is still

ie. run the 2nd pass of Dbcopy with /s option after I change the paths ?
or do I run dbcopy with /s option - shutdown GW and change the path??