Currently my student login process is failing to create a local account with the DLU. I have noticed that some of my students are getting in no problem so the policy is kind of working but not always. I have all my users in a OU with the students in sub OU's based off the year of graduation. The users are grouped in a seperate OU called Groups. so for a graduation year of 2016 I have a group called Student_2016 with all those students in it. This worked under ZCM10.3.1. Under ZCM11 I am having some of those students never get a local account created.
I have pushed the DLU policy to the laptops devices as well as the User objects.

Here is my question.
Since I have two eDirectory systems can I place both in ZCM as sources even tho the data would be the same (same tree)? would this help with the policy deployment and acceptance?
Is it better to have just the device or users but not both linked for this kind of policy?
Is it better to have the bulk of my users objects in a single Group which is linked to the DLU policy?

Here are a few trouble shooting items I have tried.
1. The Policy is showing up on the end users laptop even thow it doesn't create the local account and states is was successful.
2. Tried placing a broken user in the DLU polcy directly rather then in a group.
3. Have both User object listed as well as System Objects listed in the DLU assignment.

It sounds like from reading in the forums this is a common issue but I haven't noticed a fix listed in past threads. Hopefully someone has some good tips on resolving this.

ZCM 11 has been a rough deployment compaired to 10. Not sure if this is due to Windows 7 or what.

Thanks for all the assistance.