I'm having what seems to be a similar issue to one that came up with the OES2 SP3 April 11 Scheduled Maintenance.

The issue is that if I open a .java file with JCreator, any other program such as notepad or the java compiler will try to also open the file to read it and find that it is completely blank. Its extremely simple to replicate by just openeing a .java file with JCreator and also try to open it in notepad.

The fix is to roll back to novell-ncpenc-5.1.5-0.31. I'm having the issue with 5.1.5-0.41 to be specific. On my NEWER servers built after april 11 patches, 5.1.5-0.31 is the most current version available, but on my older servers which got the april 11 patches on schedule, 5.1.5-0.41 is a problem and I'm having to roll back. Disabling cross protocol locks does NOT fix this as it did in the past so I'm starting to think this is a new issue and maybe Novell knows of this or another issue because the patches have been pulled?? I could find no discussion or documentation on a problem similar to this or anything indicating the "fixed" april 11 or later patches were pulled.

Does anyone know anything?