we try to consolidat from an NW65 SP8 Cluster Volume to an OES2SP3 OES Cluster.

For that we create an Migrate job who "consolidate" files from Netware Cluster Volumes to OES NSS Cluster Volumes.

First sync run fine, but when we try to resync the Files, changed Files (maybe someone changed a MS Word Dokument) wasn't synced to the Target Server.

Isn't the Option "always copy source files" the right option to doing this?

Here is the command from the migration job:

/opt/novell/migration/sbin/migfiles --source-server <IP Adress> --verbose --source-path "@/var/opt/novell/migration/arzt/fs/sourcepaths.in" --destination-full-path "@/var/opt/novell/migration/arzt/fs/targetpaths.in" --precheck --progress --progress-interval 1 --no-userquotas --no-dirquotas --source-ldap-port 636 --continue-after-failover --delete-file-on-restore-error --ignore-quota-checking

Up to today, we sync the files only once but for now we need some quickier way to doing the migration, because the first sync need to much time for that kind of files.

Any help welcome.