Whenever i try to remotely VPN to my NW6.5SmallBiz-BordrManager3.8 Server,
i keep getting:
"The NetWare login attempt failed. The user is not logged in to NetWare"

I was initially able to get the Drive Mappings for the first 5 days or so,
but it suddenly stopped working.

The Bordermanager Server is connected directly to the internet(no
firewall/router is in front of it).

Has anyone ever heard of this?

I found this TID which is exactly my problem:

It says the fix is to "NAT.NLM dated later than Jan 16, 2004."

How can i check which version of NAT i have?

Im going to disable NAT and see if that helps as well... but Disabling NAT
is Not a great security move, right?

Thank You