had anyone a successfull Windows XP Sysprep Installation where the ZCM Agent was succesfull unattent installed?

We got the Problem, after the sysprep Process the running minisetup calls cmdline.txt with this batchfile to install the Novellclient and ZCM Pre Agent

REM install Novell Client and ZEN7 or ZCM Agent

c:\admin\novell\client\setupnw /u:unattend.txt
REM msiexec /i c:\admin\novell\\zen\ZFDAgent.msi /passive ADDLOCAL=ALL


But the ZCM Agent will not be correct installed, because it looks it stops the installation after extracting the Files from the File PreAgentPkg_AgentComplete.exe into the Directory c:\windows\novell\zenworks\stage and then returned back to the minisetup process and will not install the files further.

How can we avoid this, or how can we install the extracted files correctly with a second batch/command or such?