I'm having problems with clients at the mo, but not all.
I currently have 3 laptops all different models with the latest 4.9 client
on and using 3.8.7

vpn server is bm3.8.1

The problem on the laptop is it displays authenticating user, then it says
negotiating and authenticaing but hangs there.

I have clients that do work.

In the activity log it says...

11/24/2004 12:29:10pm Auth Gateway Connection closed for the VPN
client at address
11/24/2004 12:29:10pm Auth Gateway VPN client NMAS user user.company
at address has been authenticated
11/24/2004 12:29:10pm Auth Gateway Process NMAS request NMAS
authentication successful.
11/24/2004 12:28:54pm Auth Gateway A connection was opened for a
VPN client at address

It looks like the client is being diconnected in this log as soon as it
But the client is just hanging.
After about 5 minutes the client errors with "the ike application has not
responded to the start command"The timeout value has been reached

Any help please.