Hello everyone,

I got a problem. I got an Netware 5.1 server in the production with eDirectory on it.
I prepped it up so an OES server can connect and be a slave of the NDS. Every object is available at the new SLES10 server when I connect to the tree.
But the problem is that the Zenworks for desktops is still on the Netware 5.1 server but I want to use the Zenworks 7 so that we can remove the old server from the tree.

But how do I do this? I tried to install Zenworks 7 on the SLES10 server but you won't see the icons in the tree, I hoped that it would overwrite the old Zenworks but it didn't.

Can someone tell me how to upgrade Zenworks or uninstall Zenworks for desktops 2? I really want to create the policy packages.

With kind regards,