Dear everybody.
Just a small question to be sure before we begin.
We have two sites connected with a BM VPN S2S configuration (NW6.5 /
BM3.8) Everything works just fine.
One the hq site we have a BM server in the operational tree and on the
remote sute we have a single server configuration with it's own tree. Now
we want to merge this single server tree in the corporate tree.
For that we need to delete the security conatainer. BUT because of the
certificates used in de VPN connection i am afraid that communication
will be lost because de CA which signed some things will be gone,
allthough the cert object are in their own container.
Does anybody knows if this will work and if we need to recreate the certs
afterwards?? Am i missing something.
Thanks in advance fot the answers. Any tip of course will be great.
Kind regards
David van der Maas