Have baselined the flash patch along with sun java, REader X and shockwave. All is fine for all the patches that I have baselined except for the flash one.

in Patch Mgmt it never shows as patched, even though manual check on the devices shows it has installed flash player - watching the ZPM package progress it seems to fail on action 3 or 4 of 4, but as I see it the flash install works, untill next time the failed ZPM package runs (because it failed) and the first action of a flash install is uninstall - which then on some devices (so far about 10 of 130) leaves the device "flash-less".

So Flash seems to be a problem child even outside ZPM/ZCM/Lumension so currently my fix is this:

- Remove adobe flash from baseline and remidiation (disabe)
- get the standalone active x installer.exe (we only run IE) (from fpadobe site)
- get the adobe flash uninstaller.exe
- create a run once package that does:
copy the 2 exe's to local folder
Promt to close IE and/or "taskkill /F /IM iexplore.exe" (if not installer will fail with error 1025) (succes codes 1,128 to handle normal return and return if process not there)
run the uninstaller with option "-uninstall" (silent)
run the installer with option "-install" (silent)

Also note that if the flash control panel is open during install you'll get an exit code 1040.

Run the 2 exe's as DAU user (if not it will fail on Windows 7, but is OK on XP)
Do a distribute Now/install immediatley/launch after install relationship to devices

(in rare cases you need to get a fp10 reg permission batch file that uses subinacl to clean badly affected devices, but this is very rare)

So I would prefer a ZPM package of flash that actually works - would this be forthcomming ?