Sorry the question, I´m a newbie in BM.

My client PC used to work with Bordermanager VPN v3.7 client (PC with Windows XP, SP1)
This PC is on a LAN that was connected to internet through a Linux Box.
This Linux BOX doesn´t work anymore and the guys who installed it dissapeared ...
(There is no way to know how they configured it)

So we replaced the Lnux box it with a router (Trendware TW100-BRF114) to have internet in the LAN
Everything works fine on the LAN except Bordermanager VPN client (on this PC)

Now I cannot connect to the remote PC behind Bordermanager.
Bordermanager VPN client connects after entering user and password but there is no traffic, and neither I can ping remote private host.

The question is: do I have to open ports on the router and/or foward them to my local private PC IP in my LAN ?
If no is there anything else I can do to fix it?

I appreciate your help

Kind regards,
Mariano Meilich