Sorry the question, Im a newbie in BM.

My client PC used to work with Bordermanager VPN v3.7 client (PC with Windows XP, SP1)
This PC is on a LAN that was connected to internet through a Linux Box.
This Linux BOX doesnt work anymore and the guys who installed it dissapeared ...
(There is no way to know how they configured it)

So we replaced the Lnux box it with a router (Trendware TW100-BRF114) to have internet in the LAN
Everything works fine on the LAN except Bordermanager VPN client (on this PC)

Now I cannot connect to the remote PC behind Bordermanager.
Bordermanager VPN client connects after entering user and password but there is no traffic, and neither I can ping remote private host.

The question is: do I have to open ports on the router and/or foward them to my local private PC IP in my LAN ?
If no is there anything else I can do to fix it?

I appreciate your help

Kind regards,
Mariano Meilich