Hey all,

I want to move some data from an OES2.2-LX-64 server to an OES2.3-LX-64 server. We have determined it is much faster to use the Mig gui utility to move data from server to server. I authenticate to both target and source servers with no problems. The log file shows no errors occurring. One problem, the directory structure for the source server is not displayed. I cannot choose the folders to move over to the target server because they are not there. But I am authenticated to both servers just fine. The directory structure for the target server displays just fine. I performed the following:

1) Rebooted both servers
2) Verified the Novell Client is running ( rcnovfsd status)
3) Verified the novell-xregd service is running (rcnovell-xregd status)
4) Verified that the novlxregd user is LUM enabled (id novlxregd)