hi there
i'm running Border Manager 3.8 and juste want to setup a new VPN using this

for now , this server is : Proxy, FireWall
first, is it a good idea to install VPN service on the same server, or for
best result or security issue, will be bettre to
setup a brand new machine ?

beside that, here's what i'v try !

try to setup using VPNCFG on the console command of the server, no go
i always get from the BM 3.8 vpn client (laptop), invalid gateway, bad
server ip address

second, i'v try to setup VPN server using Imanager 2.02 running on the BM
3.8 server, no go too there
i always get a message : "The Client To Site Service that was not added"
when i'm trying to setup a new service!

is there something i miss ?
is there a clean, step by step tutorial ?

thank's in advance for your help