I have several users that NSM is reporting their quota is full (0% available). In each case even if we increase their quota, nothing changes. The quota changes but still shows 0% availabe. In one case, the user has a total of 2 files with a size of less than 2MB. The file analysis confirms this as well. All of the users with this issue are under the same OU within edir. Other users within the same OU are fine. Others users on the same volume are fine. All checks within NSM show everything is fine. All edir health checks turn up fine (zero errors in fact). I can manually remove the quota for the user and still the user cannot save to their home dir. I have confirmed rights are correct. POOL verify has been completed.

NSM VERSION 2.5.2 (latest patches) on a Netware 6.5 sp8 server. The volume is about 2TB in size with well over 1TB free.