Hi all,

We've got a new GW802hp2 webaccess server running on Windows 2008r2. This server has been up for 2 weeks. In that 2 week period, there's been three instances where the D: drive on the server has gone offline!

first indications are reports from users saying that when they try to log into webaccess, they get "mailbox is unavailable". The webaccess components reside on the D: drive of this box. When we go into "My computer", the D: drive is not there. When we go into disk managment, the volume shows up but there is no drive letter attached to it. If I reassign the drive letter, the drive is accessible but is in a read-only state so none of the agents will start.

the only fix for this is to restore the machine from backup (it's in a VM environment).

I'm thinking that the problem is on the Windows side and I've got our Windows engineers looking into it but just wanted to make sure there's nothing from the Groupwise side that could be causing this.

Have you ever seen this before? Any ideas?