hi all..

i have some issue when i tried to install netware 6.5

i got a job to install netware 6.5 on HP DL380 G7

i accepted the aggrement and follow the step

firstly, i choose default installation and i got error like this :

"the install was unable to make a default DOS partition, possibly because other partition need to be deleted to make room. You will need to manually create the DOS boot partition."

and the second error message that i got :

"The existing DOS partition is too small to install NetWare. You will need to manually create a DOS boot partition that is a least 100MB."

it seems like my hard disk drive is not detected.

i used the driver CD to configure RAID

i a little bit confused when i found that RAID 1 has configured and i check for the hard disk drive and the drive is connected.

Can someone help me to solve this problem ??

i have search in google and just found one person who have similar case with me, and he has no reply.. :'(