noticed something today and just wanted to ask if this could be or not.

Have a single server test system at home running NW65 and BM38. Ran some
tests with Linksys routers for use as SOHO site 2 site routers.
Configuration was really easy and it functioned fast. Took the router to
work today and wanted to show the coworkers how simple it is to setup on our
6 server test system and it just gave me problems. The VPN connection was
configured, IKE was up and running but I kept getting the message that my
PSS may be incorrect. After checking the config and reentering the PSS on
both sides 3-4 times I decided to reset the Linksys and delete the VPN
configuration on the BM server. Deleted the S2S, and the went in to delete
the master and it just wouldn't. Click on the "X" and it would just bounce
back and show the server. Then thought, just go into the server object and
delete the attribs under other and then got a message that "I should notify
Novell support", clicked again and got the real scoop. The time was not in
sync! Went to all of the servers and insured that they were syncing and as
soon as they all were the tunnel came up. What I don't understand is what
the hell timesync has to do with the PSS values or IKE for that matter after
it is up and running and NO changes have been made. Could this be or was
this just a freak?