Some sugest about this error? (catalina.out file)

466 ERROR [Sitescape_Worker-5] [org.kablink.teaming.module.workflow.impl.WorkflowM oduleImpl] - Error processing timeout: No row with the given identifier exists: [org.kablink.teaming.domain.Binder#57

Note 1: There are no more binder 57 in system.

Note 2: In table SS_WorkflowStates there are following row, but the binder no more exists. I tried to access this item with permanent link but, it is generating the error message in catalina.out. I need delete this entry or stop this workflow it. Can i delete this row in table SS_WorkflowStates? or there are another way to stop with this bug? I tried change the worklfow state with web services, without success too. I tried delete this entry with web service (without success too).