I ran into a post about this issue but need to know if the fix will work for my invironment. I am running Windows 7 SP1 (32 & 64 Bit) with Novell Client 2 IR5 and ZCM 11.0. I am getting workstations both desktop and laptops hanging after the Novell Login Succeeded message comes up. The pervious post indicated they were user Contextless logins which doesn't seem to fit with my environment. My systems all require a tree, context, and server to be listed or the system will not log in. What I have noticed is that if I delay the login process for a minute or two the system logins without hanging (or this is what it seems). The other area that I have noticed is that if I have my Panda AV not installed on the system I never have a hang but once the AV is installed the systems seem to have a 50/50 shot at getting in.

I have tried the treeless/contextless settings mentioned but they didn't seem to work for my environment.

Windows 7 SP1 (Wide range of HP desktops and laptops)
Novell Client 2 IR5
ZCM 11.0
DLU policy creates the local account without issue.
Panda EndPoint Security (Cloud AV) - Firewall currently disabled for other issues

This also seems to happen when it is just a single user logging in. So no creation of local profiles are needed.

Thanks for any assistance.