This can be silly question in here but I need to block FireFox starting from Adobe DreamWeaver.

We have two groups, staff and students, and staff need FireFox for some school software but we need to block FireFox for students.
FireFox in both Desktop ICONs and Start Menu have removed from students, and students cannot access to C: drive at all, so students cannot start FireFox at all.
However, Students can start FireFox from Adobe DreamWeaver's Preview - creating blank page and go to file / Preview in browser / Mozilla FireFox.
Thus, as long as FireFox is installed on the computer, students can start it from DreamWeaver.

I though it can be done easily by changing file permission on firefox.exe to deny when students login from ZCM10.
However, I found that this works only to Device, not User groups.

Most of desktop computers are shared by both staff and students, and I need to assign deny permission on firefix.exe only when students login.

Do you have any good idea about this?

Server: ZCM10.3.1.0 on SLES10SP2 32bit + several OES2 servers on both Linux and NetWare
Clients: WinXP SP3