Iím having problem using the client to site VPN (3.8)
Iím able to log into the VPN.
But Iím unable to ping servers on the private network.
I canít even ping the BM serverís private IP.

Here's the setup:
Server 1: Nw65sp2 and BM3.8 sp2a.
VPN server
2 NIC; 1 public with address Ė subnet
1 private with address Ė subnet

I have configured a Client to Site VPN, using iManager

Static and dynamic NAT and a static nat to the private address on itself
Dynamic NAT to pass thru = on
Ip packet forwarding is enabled

My VPN tunnel is /
The address pool is /

I've read the threads back and forth but was unable to find a solution.

If there's someone out there with any good ideas, I'm looking forward to
heard them.