Am attempting to bring up OES2 SP2a over SLES 10 SP3 as per the Web site. Clean install not an upgrade. All new iron. First server in a new tree.

Run the install as per any of the several various ways suggested in the literature and everything works as advertised. The tech notes are down loaded. The Activation Codes are accepted. And a whole gagle of downloads are drug over the wire. (20 minutes at 640Mb per). The browser browses. It is possible to attach to the new server with a browser as per the literature.

Now for the rub. Install all the downloads and reboot the server. Everything looks great - but there is NO network connectivity.

The strangest part of this is that after the updates are installed a new "non-existant" network adapter shows up in the list. (The motherboard has two - either of which work prior to installing the afore mentioned patches.)

Any help as to what should or should not be done will be appreciated.

Tech Specs:
Mother Board: SuperMicro X6DVL-EG2
Ethernet: 2 onboard INTEL 82541G1 (older member of the e1000 family)
OES2 & SLES are x86_64