Good evening this is another message that I have from my customer.

"issues have been seen with the ZCM web consoles this week especially. The servers are not always showing us the zcm login when we navigate to sometimes it shows the text box for the logins, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it doesn't include any of the graphics that should be on the page. It almost seems like there's a problem with the tomcat server embedded in zcm?

Another thing that may be related to this is that when we attempt to access the ZCM web console from our satellite sites across the 10Mbps connections that we have, we have trouble using firefox because quite often the page will just appear white, with no content in it. If we hit f5 to refresh it, sometimes it will display properly. The consoles typically work fine if we're using IE8, just not firefox."

Is there something specific that we should be looking at either on the SLES11 servers themselves, or is this more an ZCM11 issues? Further should we be looking at ensuring a consistent experience with the web browsers?