I have NW6.5 sp2 SmallBizz with BM3.8 sp2

I have observed that when NAT is enabled (dynamic only, etc), you cannot
DriveMap-login remotely through the VPN client.

The Netware Login attempt failed
The user is Not logged in to Netware.

The tunnel is established. I can still ping internal IP addresses etc, but
no drive mappings.

When i go and Disable NAT, the VPN driveMapping instantly starts working.

So i left it Disbaled.

But now, i am getting the catch 22 for the local PCs:
I cant download files from RedCarpet on NLD,
No InstantMessenger protocols work,
no FTP connections get through,
no VNC connection get through.

and im talking with the filters Unloaded.

Its not pretty.
So, is it possible to get VPN DriveMapping working with NAT enabled someway?

Does anyone know a work around?
Thank You.