Hello all

We have zcm 11 running on a 2008 domain
using shared printers from 2008 server and
roaming profiles configured

We have print policies created and assigned to workstation devices. the policy is configured to set the printer as default and remove all other printers.
If I login to room 100 I receive the room100 printer and it is set to default
I then logout
I move to room 200 and login I receive the room 200 printer and it is set to default but I also have the room 100 printer it was not removed
I then logout
I move back to room 100 and check my printers room 100 and room 200 printers are there but because the 100 printer was already there it was not set as default and room 200 printer is default.

I believe this is caused by printers being saved in my roaming profile is there a way to have roaming profiles not save my printers?
Or is there some other way to only have one printer associated to the workstation no matter what your profile is trying to do?