Don't know if anyone at Novell reads these posts, but I'd like to make a suggestion.

I'd like to be able to create additional "views" of my GW data, say different views of my Tasklist with different filters pre-applied so I can just click on a tab at the top, and see the different view. Right now, I have to go into the menus to change to show "Sent" in a given view or not. I'd like to have a "Tasklist - Sent" and a "Tasklist" which doesn't show sent. Same with appointments. I just like quick access to my data without having to go down into the menus every time.

I'd also like to be able to create different panel views like my Home view. I use the Home view as my Dashboard for my day, but would like to have other similar panel views for other more detailed views of appointments, tasks, etc.

Does anyone know if these features are coming in future releases?