I have some tasks created from email using "Show in Tasklist." In Tasklist, I can add a due date and it is displayed correctly in the Tasklist; however, in the monthly view of the Calendar, the due date is displayed as the date of the email, ignoring the task due date. This causes those tasks to be displayed as due (green) or past due (red) before they actually are.

For example, an email received 08/25/11 (added to the Tasklist by "Show in Tasklist") and given a due date of 08/30/11 will display as due (green) on the monthly Calendar on 08/25/11 and past due (red) from 08/26/11 on. When I hover the mouse over the task on the montlhy Calendar, the "Due" date is 08/25/11, ignoring the 08/30/11 date I entered for the task.

Any assistance?