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Thread: Netware 6.5 to OES2 SP3 data migration

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    Netware 6.5 to OES2 SP3 data migration

    I have problem with data migration from old NetWare 6.5 Server Version 5.70.07 to freshly installed OES2 SP3. The issue is with polish characters in file/directories names.
    When I'm trying to migrate date volumes to OES2, when UTF8 encoding is used, file names (with polish characters) looks junk. I'm using Novell Migration Tools (miggui) in my OES2.
    I tried also to use CLI migfiles , but it just said, that:"tsafs on source x is not latest" and the result was the same.
    Novell clients on workstations has UTF-8 disabled, so files on netware server are stored in unknown to me netware encoding.

    What I want to achieve is to migrate data, switch client to use UTF8 encoding and have files with polish names displayed correctly.
    thanks in advance for any ideas
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