Just trying to regain some lost Novell knowledge, CNE6.5, but out of the scene for a while, now trying to install NOWS SBE 2.5, partly to get back into ConsoleOne & general admin, partly to learn new Linux skills, but mostly cos it's free and I want a server for my own little business!

So, the question....

My server has two network cards, on installation of NOWS SBE2.5 thecards were defined as 1 for internet the other for LAN.

All working fine on LAN side so far, and from the server console, the internet is working fine too! However, clients on the network cannot get to the internet. I can get the management page fine, I can pingthe public side NIC on the server, but not the router.

The web based GUI for system management doesn't seem to have any networking magament controls (IP address assignment etc), so how do I setup the server as an internet gateway with firewall & Proxy if available?

If anyone has notes/web page etc with step by step, that woudl be great!