I don't know if the subject of my message expresses it correctly, but
I'm having a problem with the 3.6 version of BM and the VPN - it works
just fine for me from my home/office computer to the client's server in
question, which is running Netware 5.1 SP7, BM 3.6 with many although
perhaps not all of the recommended updates and patches. However, it is
not working well fro the president of the client company, nor is it
working well for a co-worker of mine who works from different location.
We all, however, are in the metro NYC area, and my co-worker and I are
both in NJ.

We make a VPN connection and then use pcAnywhere to access workstations
on the private 192.168.x network. For me, the connection happens
quickly, the speed is excellent, and the connection never drops. For
the other two people in question, the connection happens slowly some of
the time, doesn't go through some of the time and, once connected,
frequently drops the remote user. By "drops the remote user" I mean
that the VPN appears to stay up and, in fact, it does not need to be
restarted, but it's as if, in the old days of modem pcA connections, the
phone connection had dropped. My Internet connection is a
business-class ADSL with a class D block of addresses, my co-worker is
on cable, and the president of the company has tried both DSL and cable,
from two different locations, and still has the same problems.
Obviously the connection and/or the route is part of the issue but
that's out of my control.

One option is to upgrade BM to the latest version, which I believe is
3.8. I'd appreciate hearing ideas on whether or not it's worth it to
try and figure this out in 3.6 or whether 3.8 might solve the problem.
Like I said, it works fine for me but I've got to make it work fine for
the other two people who need to use it.

tcp.nlm on the server is 5.95q, November 3, 2003 - anything else anyone
wants to know, just ask.

Many thanks in advance.