[Trying a re-post in case anyone reading has any ideas now.]

I have a user, GW 802 client on XP/SP3, and he's the only user in the
office with this problem. When running Notify with Groupwise open,
Notify can be opened (Options or Notification List) when first started.
As soon as a new message comes in, Notify stops working, does NOT
display the popup, and no longer even responds to right-click. It will
show the envelope and the tooltip "You have notifications", but
otherwise is completely unresponsive.

This only happens for this user on his own workstation; on other
workstations, Notify works properly for his mailbox.

I've tried everything I can think of, including re-installing Windows
Messaging, re-installing the client (with and without removing it
first), making sure there was no conflicting software installed (removed
Gmail Notifier), etc. etc. Nothing I do works.

Rather than blowing away the workstation, I'm hoping someone has some
ideas. All the other stations in the office work fine for Notify,
including for this user's mailbox, so it isn't on the Novell side but a
workstation-specific issue.

The only special software this user has is UPS Worldship, but we have
some other users who have Worldship installed & they do not have this

ANY ideas, anyone??

Pulling out my hair over this one. And I do not have enough extra hair
to continue!


-- DE