We have eight NW6SP5BM38 servers that all have been up and running on the
BM38 VPN. The problem is that when I have to make a modification or
configuration change on one, all the others abend when that VPN change is
made. For instance, yesterday I installed a new server to replace one of
the slaves. When I went through iManager to add it to the VPN, all the
other slaves abended. I then spent nearly two hours last night going out to
each building and resetting the servers.

Any clue or idea what might be causing this? Normally it does not affect
those users that are logged in, just certain functions that only restarting
the server will restore.

The abend log is calling it: [Abend 1 on P00: Server-5.60.05-1937: CPU Hog
Detected by Timer] & [Running process: VPNINF_THREAD Process
Thread Owned by NLM: VPSLAVE.NLM].

Thank you, again,