Can someone clear up some queries on this please? I appreciate the manual entries on the NOW method for distributiuon schedule, but what I'm unclear on is what happens to machines that check in for the first time in, say, a months time.

Will these machines run the bundle that is assigned as NOW? When will they run that? On first refresh?
And if the bundle fails to run correclty for some reason (i.e. another MSI install is happening), will it attempt to run again? If so when? On refresh again?

For applications that should only "run once", can I effectively set it as a NOW schedule and manage to hit all machines that may come online in the future (no matter how far into the future)?

I assume that when I set a NOW schedule, that the server actively attempts to contact the clients and tell them about this bundle (although I presume it really just says "do a refresh"). Aside from this first instance where the server actively looks for clients, how would it run for a PC that is not switched on at time of schedule, but on in the future? If it does run on that PC, how is this different from a "run on refresh" with "install/run once" set?