like it's a discussion forum, i find good to keep hot some problems that
could be forgotten if we don't insist on...

any news about the possibility to run a S2S slave server without to have
a local replica of [root] ??? Gonzalo ? Craig ? Anybody else, Novell ?

for those who don't know, if you have 10 S2S slaves, and you want one
tree, you have to create 10 replicas of [root], one by site, to have a
chance to see the SCM java application running and vpslave loaded.. not
very "well designed" on a eDirectory point of view !!

even if the above issue is solved, also to be obliged to "fake" the
remote network, to integrate the BM server in the tree, and finally to
ship it and have the connectivity back (crossing your fingers) through
the VPN circuit is not very "safe".. if the remote site is at 100 kms
it's not important if there is a pb, but if he's on the other face of
the planet...

then a parallel and limited system to build the VPN circuit and
integrate the server in the tree when he's already on the remote site
would be interesting.. i know that we can play with some low cost
devices to build a // VPN circuit before to build the BM VPN circuit,
but it's a so poor solution..