Hey, since I was on the beta, I figured I'd post how our system is doing now.

**DISCLAIMER** This is NOT a recommendation. Please be sure to follow Novell's Best Practice guide and Documentation.

I currently have one physical server. It's got 500GB of disk, and 16GB of ram.

I have over 700 users on this server, with well over 900 devices connected.

Attachment size limit set to 5MB.

We did have one occurrence of running out of disk space, because we left the logging level at debug_verbose. Our fault.

The only issue we've noticed with delays, is that we have just implemented an archive solution, and the initial population of that is putting strain on our post offices, making everything slower. I see delays of 3 minutes sometimes, but then the next message will flow immediate. Before that implementation, the only delays were when a message would go out to the whole organization.