I am unable to do a Netware login while connected via Client to Site VPN. I believe it is because the SLP information is not getting to the client. As a test I entered the private IP of the BM server in the "Server" & "Tree" fields and was able to login although no mappings to other services could be completed.

The system is NW 6.5sp2 running BM3.8 with sp2. A DA is entered into the slp configuration of the Client to Site object. I have entered a DA and Scope into the NW client as I used to with BM3.7 but that has not helped either.

With older versions of BM I used to load PIM. Is that still valid for NW6.5?

Any idea how I might resolve this?

Stuart Innes.
Systems Engineer.
N.Z. Institute for Crop & Food Research