GroupWise 8.01 running on Suse Linux 10
Novell Data Syncronizer

Hello All,

We recently started experiencing POA lock ups. The pattern seems to be that it simply stops responding when doing one of it's quick finder indexes. I can see in the log "Starting QuickFinder index update" then 1 connection refused error then no further entries until I restart the service. All other services (GWIA, MTA, Webaccess) continue running.

We have a small PO (40 users) where QF indexing runs every 10 minutes. What is odd is it runs fine for several weeks between lock ups (in which time it does many many QF Indexes) and the last time it happend on a Sunday when there should have been no users in. The one thing that has changed is the addition of our Novell Data Syncronizer server which connects to that POA. I have a feeling it may be related to that... but again they are so far apart I am not sure what is triggering it.

Also possibley involved is we do run a Retain server with copies email via SOAP 4 times a day. In each of the lockups the Retain server was activly running. That server thought has been performing those copies for approxamatly a year without POA lock ups.

Any ideas where to look?

Daniel Joaquin