We are seeing an issue with our DNS servers where not all the zone files are always read from eDir on the restart of rcnovell-named.

We are running OES2-SP3 [latest patches] as of 13/98/2011.
I've seen this bug reported a number of times but while the symptoms seems to be the same the resolutions don't work.

Our DNS is configured this way. IPPLAN is linked to a standard linux DNS server [non oes]. This is working perfectly.
We have 3 DNS servers [OES2]. These run as secondary DNS servers doing zone transfers from the master DNS server. This all works fine.

The problem varies, but right at the moment, I've restarted one DNS server after a patch update. The upgrade went through fine and DNS has started fine.
The DNS server has 16 zones. 15 have loaded fine. One has not.

I stop novell dns
I delete all zone files in /etc/opt/novell/named
I restart novell dns

15 zone files are created, one is not and so I get the [NCPL]: Error zone not loaded occurred while getting the db errors in the log.

Other times, it could be 3 of the zones that won't load. I just keep restarting dns and at some point it starts working. I've no idea why and when I think I've found something, it can't replicate it.

All DNS servers have repilcas, timesync is perfect and there are no DNS errors.

Can anyone give some suggestions?