Had a user that was moved from Post Office A to Post Office B.
User was unable to log into their email via webacc of via the client.
User was listed in Post Office B.
Found that the user, when logging into GW with the client, that they were being re-directed to Post Office A. This is why they could not log into their email account. If this user specified the IP address of Post Office B they were then able to log in with the client.
BUT the user was unable to log into their email using any of the WebAccess web servers.
I rebuilt the primary domain and Post Office A and Post Office B.
After this, client re-direction worked correctly and the user was able to log into their email with the client.
We have FOUR WebAccess servers. This user can log into their email using on one particular WebAccess server. The user is not able to log into THREE of the WebAccess servers. I rebuilt the Secondary Domains servicing two of the WebAccess Agents but still no good.
Out of curiosity. I pull up the System Address book using my client and when I scroll down to this person's last name, I see this user listed TWICE with TWO different email addresses. One email address xxxxx@Thomasmore.edu (This was this person's email address when a member of Post Office A). I also see xxxxx@alumni.thomasmore.edu. (this is the email address of this person in Post Office B.

What would you suggest that I do now?

Thanks for reading.