We are groupwise of course, and we use datasync and notifylink.
We want to migrate all people on datasync.
We have a problem with html with datasync, nit with notifylink
When a user (groupwise user external use) send a mail on a user who synchronize mail with datasync with a object customized wirh bod foe example, the phone user see in the object (excuse me, we are french) that there is no object.
It is true for internal groupwise users as senders and for external users.
Is there a way, a service pack , a parameter to change to make that the object header of a mail appears on the phone ?
Thanks for help or suggestion.
It seems that datasync have problem to work with html mails, contents, headers ...
Groupwise and datasyn have a very strategy (political) impact with users in our company because phone users are VIP
Thanks for any suggestion.