I have built a BM 3.8 box (NW6.5) with both the old SKIP client-site VPN
(for users with the old client) and the new IKE client-site VPN.

I had problems with the IKE VPN traffic rules applying properly when using
users (group members actually) in the Traffic rules, so today I applied some
patches, edir8.7.3.3, NMAS 2.3.5 and a security patch require by NMAS. That
seemed to fix the problem, but subsequently I have a new problem my SKIP
clients now Encrypt all traffic instead of specific networks. This is nuts
as it was working fine and is clearly defined there in the NDS. Any ideas
anyone? I tried toggling the configuration back and forward, and doing

On another note I saw Craig mentioned there is a fix upcoming (NAT.NLM?) for
the problem accessing the Private interface of a NAT'ed BM server. I have
noticed this problem only applies to the IKE client, and not the SKIP one,
i.e. the old BM3.7 client and the new client running in Backwards
compatibility mode can connect to the Private interface fine.


Matt Isaac