I am running a GroupWise 8 sp2 hp2 system. I am trying to connect our new Barracuda Message archiver to all of my 30 post offices. Most run on Windows 2003 servers, but I have to that run on Linux. One is SLES 10 sp4, the other is SLES 11 sp 1. The one on 11 connects to the message archiver correct, as well as all 28 windows server post offices. The one that I have on the sles 10 box doesn't . This box also runs my primary domain, and gwia and webaccess on it. The msg archiver uses imap an soap to connect to the poa. All are turned on the poa. IMAP is not running on the gwia located on the box, so it shouldn't be a conflict. When I try to connect to the poa from the message archiver I see the following message in the poa log:

10:16:41 016 New IMAP session initiated from ::ffff:
10:16:41 016 Return from IMAP [890F] is the address of the message archiver. Any ideas on what could be causing this issue?