I'm not sure if this is a VPN problem. It may need to be in another forum.

We have three locations (A, B, and C) connected via a Bordermanager 3.5

Site A (T-1) is the main office. Sites B (cable) and C (DSL) are remote

Site A and Site B communicate with no problems and there are no file
transfering problems.

However, we seem to have a problem with site C. If we copy TIF images
from the Novell 6.0 server at site C to a particular Novell 6 server at
site A, the files are copied, but cannot be read. They seem to be

Going the other way, we are able to copy TIF images from the server at
site A to the server at site C with no problems.

And... to add to the confussion. The corruption problem only occurs with
one of the six servers we have at site A. We are able to copy TIF images
to other servers at site A (from C) without any problem.

The server that seems to have the problem is running CIFS for our Mac
clients at that site. None of the other servers are using NFAP.

Any ideas what would cause this problem ?