I've moved to Munich and in 2 months will be looking for a job. My Deutsch skills will be 4 months worth of intensive Deutsch courses and what I've learnt living here (ok reading, writing, understanding but not great speaking yet).

I've been told Monster.de and stepstones are the best sites for job searching but pretty much nothing "Novell, edirectory, OES, ZCM ect" as keyword is found. I'm updating my M$ certs (MCITP-EA & SCCM) aswell but would prefer a job with a mixture of Novell/M$/whatever, just so all my Novell skills (CNE with a few years experience) are not completely useless.

Anyone have experience in Deutschland?

Also is it normal for all Germany job advertisements not to say salary? Seems strange to apply for a job without having a clue how much it will pay.