I am trying to import a godaddy ssl cert into edirectory. It is for a server that is running apache that hosts a website that we would like to have secured by an edirectory login when the site is visited.

This certificate was originally on a previous server that was replaced/migrated to SLES 10 sp3 from NW6.5 sp8. The SLES server has the same name and same IP.

I have re-keyed the certificate with godaddy. So the crt files that I downloaded godaddy pertain to the new SLES server.

I tried creating a .pem file by combining the crt file from godaddy and the key file (serverkey.pem from the /etc/ssl/servercerts directory). I then used openssl to make the .pem file into a pfx file by using the command: openssl pkcs12 -clcerts -export -in <filename>.pem -out <filename>.pfx

Next I used imanager to create a new server certificate by importing the pfx file. When i clicked finish at the end it gave me a PKI Error 1253 or 1,253

I don't know what i'm doing wrong.