I am delivering iprint printers via ZCM policy to workstation. The policies have 2-3 printers per policy. I have one printer selected to set as default.

every day i get dozens of errors that match this:

Device Alias: llab_20
Device IP Address:
Error: [9/14/11 3:04:11 PM] printer policy POLICYHANDLERS.PrinterPolicy.SetDefaultSettingsFai liure POLICYHANDLERS.PrinterPolicy.SetDefaultSettingsFai liure{\\ipp://iprint.domain.org\L-LABHP2;The printer name is invalid.}
Additional Information: The printer name is invalid.

I have been unable to find a fix for this. I have deleted and recreated the policy. I get this same message on other printers in the building when they are set as default (not speciific to this printer).

Any ideas? is there a better log to check for more detailed information?