I set up a site - 2 -site vpn and I have a problem probably related to my
adsl modem, however i'm not sure.
It's a copperjet 811 isdn modem, setup with some port forwarding services to
the public ip of the bordermanager server and to some secondary public
ipaddresses. All public addresses are in the private range.
the master is on a sbs 6.5 sp2 server and bordermanager is 3.8 with sp2.
the slave is on a netware 5.1sp7 server and bordermanager 3.8 with sp2.
I did all the configuration according the book from Craig.

In the ike screen on the master i see the following :
the src and dst fieldvalues are replaces with <master ip> and <slave ip>

1-2-2005 5:05:25 pm Start IKE-SA 8FB64000 - Initiator,src=<master
ip>,dst=<slave ip>,TotSA=1
1-2-2005 5:05:25 pm ***Send Main Mode message to
1-2-2005 5:05:25 pm
1-2-2005 5:05:30 pm Retransmit timer expired :Peer lost our reply
retransmit th
e old packet to <slave ip>
1-2-2005 5:05:30 pm ***Send Main Mode message to <slave ip>
1-2-2005 5:05:30 pm

These peer lost messages does this mean a packet does not reach the master ?
the R-COOKIE is all zero's. Is this ok ?

I have unloaded all filters to see if this is the problem, but unfortunately

My bm38sp2 client-2-site works ok. Opened only the tcp/udp ports on the
router and that was enough.

Has anyone experience with a copperjet (www.allieddata.com) modem to forward
all traffic to the public ip of the bordermanager ?